United States Patent & Trademark Office Mind Control Technology

US Patent 4,717,343  -  Method for Changing a Person’s Behavior (SUBLIMINAL MANIPULATOR)

US Patent 5,270,800 - Subliminal Message Generator (SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY)

US Patent 5,123,899 -  Method for Altering Consciousness (SUBLIMINAL MANIPULATOR)

US Patent 4,877,027  - Hearing System (MICROWAVE VOICE TO SKULL)

*US Patent 6,011,991 - Communication System and Method Including Brain Wave
    Analysis and/or use of Brain Activity     (MIND READING AND THOUGHT DECIPHERING)
*60 Minutes (CBS News) documentary "Mind Reading"

*Brainwave Monitor / Analyzer
*Brainwave Scanner

Lawrence Pinneo, a neurophysiologist and electronic engineer working for Stanford Research Institute (a military contractor) is the first “known” pioneer in this field. In 1974, he developed a computer system which correlated brain waves on an electroencephalograph with specific commands.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Edward Taub reported that words could be communicated onto a screen using the thought-activated movements of the computer cursor.

How is it done?

The magnetic field around the head, the brain waves of an individual can be monitored by satellite. The transmitter is therefore the brain itself just as body heat is used for “Iris” satellite tracking (infrared) or mobile phones or bugs can be tracked as “transmitters.” In the case of the brain wave monitoring the results are then fed back to the relevant computers. Monitors then use the information to conduct “conversation” where audible Neurophone input is “applied” to the target / victim.

US Patent 4,858,612  - Hearing Device (VOICE TO SKULL/NEUROPHONE)

U.S. Patent 3,951,134 - Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering    Brain Waves     (SUBLIMINAL MANIPULATOR)

All can be and are satellite radar/laser delivered!



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